Bibliomania, Hoarding and the Collyer Brothers

Photo By Michael SummerYesterday in my pursuit to find out more information on compulsive hoarding, I stumbled upon the term: “Bibliomania.”

My wife jokingly asked if I suffered from Bibliomania since I have several bookcases overstuffed with books. I clarified that I would be a Bibliomaniac if those books had no value to me and I collected them to the point where they lost any value to me as well. In contrast, I’m always rearranging and shifting my books around to different places in the house depending on my current project. So I have a shelf by the couch, which has, let me count… 25 books that I’m currently reading. I’ve found it extremely difficult to read one book at a time so I read several simultaneously. This becomes an issue when I travel because I take several books with me and usually finish them along the way.

My wife informed me about the term “hoarding” coming from a pair of New York brothers that died in their collection of stuff. She said they’re known as the Collyer Brothers. After going on a research-binge to find out all the details on the Brothers Collyer I came across this humorous and informative video, which I share below.

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Kris Madden