Paperback Is Now On Sale!

After reading several horror stories, of books having bad glue, and pages printing in reverse order, and images coming out blurry and pixelated, I was sure my book would have all of these things with more troublesome attributes to add to the pile.

Finally, received my proof copy for the book in the mail, and it turned out better than I could have imagined.

Complete with barcode, copyright, and cream pages; I'm pretty proud of it.

It's availble for purchase through my store, and will be available to purcahse through Amazon in the next two weeks. The Kindle version should be available for purchase and download next Tuesday.

The ebook is making it's way around the net and can be read on Google Books and Scribd. I hope the exercises have been as helpful as the videos have been for everybody.

Special Offer (Now Thru 12/15/2009):

I believe writers should be paid for the work that they do, and so here's my deal for the holidays:

You can get:

$5 Off My Book! = 17.99 12.99!


Here's what to do:

  • Read or Download the book for Free on this website, or Google Books, or Scribd
  • Write a 100-original-word review about my book (good or bad, doesn't matter, as long as it's honest)
  • Post it online, anywhere available to the public, and provide a link to my site:
  • Send me a link to your post through the Contact Form on this website, with your name and email
  • I'll verify the word count and make sure the writing hasn't been copied from another post
  • If everything's checks out, I'll send you a secret code
  • Go to my store and enter the code when you checkout
  • Ta-Da! You get the book for 12.99

Now, where can your post be? Anywhere online that I'll be able to check and verify; posting on your corporate intranet or private forum, will not constitute a discount. If you want to post on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, feel free, as long as the post is available to everyone and not just your friends or followers, you'll still get the discount. You can also register a blog or post a comment on another blog about my book, and you'll get the discount.

How Not To Get The Discount:

The goal of this activity is to pay you for spreading the word, not keeping it to yourself. Posting on a website that already has 100-original-word entry will not get a discount; there are plenty of places to write publicly on the web. I have no doubt that you will be able to find a site without an original 100-word-post.

The two exceptions too this rule are Google Books and Amazon, which can have multiple entries. Other than those two, make sure the website your posting on doesn't already have a post on it, before posting your review there.


-Kris Madden