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You Can Now Buy Lies

Gizmodo did an article called “How to Cheat Online—And Get Away with It” which offered up an alibi and excuse service provided by a website called “Alibi Network.” Just for clarification this is not a joke, prank, etc. this is a real live service provider for people looking to increase the illusion of their false statements. Here is a price chart from their website:

Services                                                        Price

Custom Alibis For Affairs                               Depends on individual circumstances

Virtual Travel Agency                                    From $175

Virtual Hotel Service                                     From $175

Virtual Seminar/Training                               From $175

Worldwide Telephone and Fax                        From $175

Virtual Employment                                      From $175

Virtual Doctor's Office                                   From $175

Rescue Call Service                                       From $75

Virtual Buddy                                                From $75

Sensitive Matters                                          From $75

Discreet Shopping                                         From $35

Untraceable Phone Numbers                           From $75

Pretend You Are Anywhere                             From $75

Virtual Business/Office Phone Number             From $75

For example you might want to use their “Call in Sick Service”, which “provides clients with a cast-iron sickness alibis. We would call a place of your work for you and pretend to be your doctor/dentist or a spouse, etc. and tell your boss that you can’t come in. So you will not have to fake it on the phone!”

So for any terrible liars out there with a relaxed-conscious and money to spare, there is a now a place where you can purchase lies. I'd like to end with a video from the Rollins Band, which I feel pretty much sums up everything I have to say about the Alibi Network: