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The Magic Of Unboxing The iPad

If you are like me and not getting an iPad today, but still want to have that Christmas-Morning-Red-Bike-Under-The-Tree experience of unboxing a brand new iPad. Check out this video from bronxxxcharlie where he unboxes the iPad that he has been waiting for since mid-March. And please forgive him for not narrating the video too well, as he explains he's "just so exited!" Bronxxxcharlie adds his own sound effects for the unvailing of the iPad and brims with anticipation. The video concludes with a disappointed bronxxxcharlie, who after waiting so long, finds out he will have to wait a little bit longer.



Promo Trailer for Learn To Speed Read

With no budget, barely a video camera, a desk lamp, black shirt, and blanket; I made this silly video promo.